Monday, October 15, 2012

From a thankful heart...

     God amazes me. His plan for my life, the way I get blessed when He puts me in a situation that stretches me, or makes me uncomfortable.
     These are things worth remembering:
     Approximately 8 months ago, I married a wonderful man. I felt very clear and very sure that this was God's will for me. I'll be honest here...there were things about this step in my life that looked scary to me. Even though my husband's church was fairly small, it was still larger than the one I came from. Plugging in and becoming a part of this church would mean certain changes for me. Not changes in the principles I believed in, but small changes in the way I applied them (style of dress and head covering, etc). Some of these changes were very easy for me to make, others slightly more difficult, but I clung to my belief that this was God's will for me, which made it very do-able.
     There was one change though, that I was dreading more than any of the others...knowing that I would be asked to teach the women's Sunday school class of over 20 women, of whom I am very nearly the youngest. I hate strongly dislike public speaking. It makes me very nervous, and when I am nervous, I get sick to my stomach. Literally sick. So, I imagined that I would ask to be excused the first time my turn came around. After all  I was new, I had that right, didn't I? But when I was actually faced with the situation, I couldn't say no.  In reality, I wanted to burst into tears. It looked huge to me! How was I, a 22 year old who had never led out in a discussion, supposed to teach all these mothers and grandmothers? I was terrified. But God started teaching me something that very day with the sermon. These fears of mine were because of pride in my life. I was afraid of making a fool of myself, I was viewing this as all about myself instead of realizing that it was all about God working through me. As I studied the lesson that week, there it was again, Ananias and Sapphira lied...why? Because they wanted others to think they had given everything. They wanted to look good. I have been made so aware of this sin of pride in myself, and I desire to be victorious over it through Jesus!
     Then last week we had a week of revival meetings here at church. I don't know about you, but I am tempted to shy away from revival meetings. I would say I want revival, but when it really comes to sitting there and getting a pricked conscience over and over, it's not fun! And sure enough, evening after evening, my heart was convicted! It made me uncomfortable, and I wanted to say, "Pick a subject that doesn't relate to me, already!"
     But I'm here to testify, and to record as a reminder to myself: when God puts me in an uncomfortable situation, it ALWAYS turns out as a blessing to me. To show me sin that He wants to deal with in my life, or to refresh my relationship with Him, when I'm allowing it to go cold. And do you know how merciful that is of Him? The way he keeps drawing us, not allowing us to stay where we are?
    And you know what? Teaching Sunday school, attending revivals, and discussing the revival sermons with friends over DQ blizzards has made me feel more closely connected to my new church family than ever. My heart is just full today, of thanksgiving, for a revived awareness of God, what He wants from me, and His plan for my life; and for the fact that I'm even more sure than before that He has placed me here in Hayward.

Monday, October 8, 2012


    If you were to ask me what my favorite season is, I would be hard-pressed to give you an answer. Right now, I would probably say autumn, because I really, really do love this time of year. But right after the first couple of snows, I'd tell you how I love winter--watching the snow fall, curling up with a book and hot drink, being snowed in. Then at the end of the long winter that we always have here in Wisconsin, I'd be so in love with spring. And, do I enjoy summer too? Yup, I sure do...I love sunshine, and cookouts, and days on the lake!
    All that aside, it's fall now, and I'm enjoying it, so I thought I'd share some pictures of what fall looks like around here.

::a bouquet of homegrown sunflowers on our table::

::little bits of autumn decor inside and out::

::baked pumpkins::

::an empty and tilled garden::

Our church did a fundraiser for the school this year, selling baked goods and hot drinks at the Cranberry Festival in Stone Lake. It was a cold day so we had lots of business, especially for the hot drinks and we enjoyed working together on the project!

Many of the church ladies baked for the sale, and we had a big variety of yummy stuff!

And lastly, I'll add some photos of Tom and I. We took a walk to enjoy the colors the other day, and snapped some pictures using a tripod!

Oh, you think it looks like we're still in love? Yup...more in love every day! :)

After a very busy weekend, I have housework calling me from every corner, and my husband will be home for lunch in an hour, so I must fly! Have a lovely day folks!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Week's Little Project

     I've been wanting to get a big "S" (for Schrock, in case you forgot that's my last name now. :)) for a wall arrangement that has been sitting here uncompleted for a long time. I didn't come across any in my shopping ventures, and didn't feel like ordering one, so I decided to make one. Here's how it went...

First, I cut 2 large S's out of gift boxes...

I left tabs on along the sides and ends of the box.

I cut strips of cereal box and taped them on for sides as well as putting some inside for stabilizer.

Then I taped the the backside on!

Added a layer of mod podge and cream paper (as opposed to vinegar and brown paper. ha!)

Chalked it, and added details!
It's far from perfect, but it suits its purpose just fine!

And a couple of days later Tom hung it for me!

There she is!