Wednesday, May 7, 2014

While My Baby Naps....

   I should probably go lay her down and get something done around the house, but since she's sleeping so peacefully in my lap, I'll just do this quick blog post instead.
  I think we're finally feeling a little bit hopeful about spring! The lawn is FINALLY free of snow (and needs to be raked) and I'm actually seeing touches of green here and there! 
  It's time to air out the upstairs and make the beds with clean sheets...the in-laws are coming home for furlough in just a little over two weeks! We're taking a long weekend trip to Ontario right before their return, so I want to have everything ready before we leave. I have a bunch of little extra cleaning and organizing projects that I want to do...I guess maybe it's the spring cleaning urge.
   Zoey is growing and doing what babies do: sleeping, eating, crying, smiling, and filling diapers. We feel extremely blessed to have this sweet baby in our home. We realized even more what a gift she is as we heard the news of friends losing their precious baby boy just a month before he was due to be born. 
    Zoey's had a couple of fussy days, when nothing makes her quite as happy as when I'm holding and bouncing her, but I'm hoping it's just a stage. Yesterday she cried her eyes out all the way home from Walmart while I sang REALLY loudly in hopes of calming her down. Yeah, that didn't really work.She's still sleeping wonderfully at night,  and I really love her to pieces for that! She found her hands and has started to do a bit of chewing and seems a little early for teeth, but what do I know? 
   I've been trying to take pictures of Zoey every are some from the last 3 sessions.

She's obviously a girl of many emotions! All of these in the space of a few minutes. 

I compared my baby pictures to Zoey's the other day...I'd say there's definitely a resemblance, but she's got some of her dad in her too!

    And lastly, a picture of the very happy Zoey at 7:18 this morning. Apparently she was feeling a little better about being up since 6 than I was.