Monday, May 20, 2013

We're moving!

      Two weeks from now, the little house on Namekagon Trail will no longer be our place of residence.
      A couple of months ago Tom's parents were asked to spend two years in Haiti with CAM, teaching local pastors and running the mission's guest house. One big question in their minds while making this decision was what to do with their house here in Wisconsin while they're gone. Tom and I decided that we are at a stage of life where it would be relatively easy for us to pack up and move over there and take care of their place for them for two years. Not to mention that it's a significantly bigger house with more bells and whistles than where we live now! We were able to find renters for our house...a newlywed friend of Tom's who just "happens" to need the house just at the time we need to move out! I feel like God has worked out the details for all of us involved in this situation!
    We're excited, but as the time comes closer, we also are finding that we are going to miss this little place! I've discovered that even a little simple double wide house can be special, when two people in love put  in lots of time and effort to make it a home!
    But, it's just a house... at least I get to take my husband with me! :) And as far as we know, we will back in two years to pick up where we left off!
   So here's to new chapters in our story of life! I hope to keep you updated with pictures as we set up house  at the new place!