Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Trimester, Vacation, and a Few Photos

   So, my waistline is thickening. Apparently when I wrote my last post, I thought I would enjoy gaining weight. My opinions have altered slightly since then. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited about the baby growing inside me, but does any woman really enjoy watching the numbers on the scale get bigger? On the brighter side, this week I get to spend a whole day shopping with my sister for bigger and better clothes. We always have grand times while shopping together, and it's not unusual to end up laughing until we're nearly in tears. Of course, now I need to make sure there's restroom nearby before laughing too much.
   I eat quite a bit, am sleepy at most times of the day, and drag my half sleeping self to the bathroom at least once every night. I'm sure it's good practice for all the midnight wakefulness that I have in my future! Other than those slight inconveniences, Baby is treating me very well...I have only had a couple bouts of nausea that are anything to speak of, so I am grateful.
   We had an ultrasound since my last update and now have a more specific due date: February 20. That means that on Thursday I'll be 12 weeks along!
    We took a vacation during the last couple of weeks, 11 days in all, and covered 2500 miles in our trusty white automobile. That gave us quite a bit of time to talk about baby names, and we're about 99.9% settled on a girl's name, so that's a start at least!
   On our trip we attended 2 weddings, saw lots of family and friends, went to Niagara Falls, and learned some lessons about reserving cheap hotel rooms online.
    A few pictures:

Supper at Tom's uncle and aunt's place. Lovely evening out in the gazebo!
Games with Grandpa B. They really were enjoying themselves in spite of their sour expressions here.
Tom and his first-cousin-once-removed, Summer. She is adorable!
The Falls...we picked a gorgeous day to visit!
Us, being all touristy and taking selfies.

We took a ride on the Ferris wheel, which was pretty sweet!

  In between the two weddings we visited Tom's sister Faye and her family in WV. It was fun to get to know the two little nieces that we don't get to see very often!
The ever energetic and inquisitive Becca. She fell in love with her Uncle Tom, and her 
parents weren't sure what she would without him.
Sweet and smiley Kate.
       I failed to capture all the good times we had along the way, but there's a little sampling at least!