Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Random Ramblings from April the 16th

     It's snowing today, and has been ever since about 7 this morning. Tom says it's supposed to keep snowing until 8 this evening, so church for tonight was cancelled. That's all I will say on the subject of the weather and our feelings in relation to it. 
     I hustled myself and my baby girl out the door this morning to do our errands in town before the roads got worse. I should be able to stay home for the next few days now, as long as I don't run out of diapers and wipes. I do realize that I am kind of a numskull  for forgetting to stock up on such important items.
      Today at Walmart I took advantage of their claim to match any ad. I feel like I'm being a big pain on the rare occasions when I do it, but since we don't have a lot of different options for grocery stores here in town, it's a way to get the good deals other stores are offering. And after you get past feeling like a pain, it feels good to save money! 
   Last night Zoey took almost forever to go to sleep. She wasn't particularly fussy, just wiggly and unsettled. I would sing and pat and jostle and just when I thought she was out, her eyes would pop wide open as if she wasn't even the least bit sleepy. I think that was the last time I will drink a caffeinated drink for supper...apparently it affects her! #mommaproblems However, there was that sweet moment when I put my hand on her tummy to calm her, and one of her little hands wrapped around my pinky finger and the other gripped my thumb, and I remembered what a gift it is to have this little girl in my life. #mommajoys
    I started a Mixbook with Zoey's baby pictures, and am having so much fun with it that I keep getting distracted from my other work. You know, the boring stuff like laundry and baking.  

     (If this has intrigued you, and you'd like to start a Mixbook of your own, use the link below to get $20 off your first order!)

     A bird just crashed into the living room's the second time that has happened this afternoon. I think it's a robin... probably blinded by a snowflake in its eye.
Zoey at 6 weeks


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers But What Do April Snows Bring?

   According to the calender, it's the first day of April. Whenever I think of April, I think spring....Since I've lived in Wisconsin for 14 years now, you'd think I'd know better than that! It would be lovely to be transplanting flowers while basking in warm sunshine on my deck, but instead I do it on my dining room floor, because it still like this outside:
   What you can't see in the picture is the snowflakes that were coming down.
   We're trying to be brave, but really...we are kinda ready for spring now.
   In other news, we are now officially parents...this beauty is parked in our garage!We'd been having some issues with our car, and knew we'd have to buy something different, but at first I was pretty opposed to the idea of a van. However, after a time or two of getting tangled up in myself climbing from the front seat to the back seat in the car, I was more than ready to go the van route! I think we're gonna love all the space, especially since we already plan to take several trips this summer!
    Speaking of parenting, I think my initiation should be complete now that I've been doused numerous times by the three P's (pee, poo, and puke). The child is an expert at knowing when her diaper is out of the way!In spite of all that, I can't help but love this little face!
     Zoey is 5 weeks old, and keeps growing and changing. She still sleeps lots, but is more alert and responsive now when she is awake. We've coaxed a few smiles out of her, but not when I have the camera handy of course! 

Sitting in Grandpa's big chair...

    A couple of weeks ago we took an quick trip to Indiana. Tom's uncle passed away suddenly from a heart attack, so Dan and Ruthie flew in for the funeral. While the reason for the trip was sad, we were so excited that Grandpa and Grandma Schrock got to meet Zoey earlier than expected! She traveled very well, and charmed everyone that she met (though she was asleep most of the time).
   Til next time....