Monday, March 2, 2015

Zoey Turns One

    It's a quiet Monday morning here. I'm under a blanket by the fireplace and Zoey is napping. Oh, scratch that...I hear her bumping around in the crib now.
   My goals for today are to do the laundry, straighten up the piles around the house that have accumulated over the weekend, and decide what to make for supper. I know, my ideals are sky high. I'll probably get around to doing a few more things that aren't on this list, if nothing else there will be a diaper or two to change in my spare time. ☺
    Last week we has short notice company, which we were pleased about! Tom's parents flew home for a funeral in the extended family, so we got to have them here for a few days. It was pretty fun to have both sets of grandparents here for Zoey's first birthday party! ☺
   Yup, that little miss is a year old did that even happen?
   On Wednesday, the day of her birthday we got home from picking up Dan's at the airport around noon. I wanted to make a cake to practice for her "real party", plus do a little cake smash photo shoot with her, so that I could relax and enjoy the party that we were having for her on Friday evening. So, I spent the rest of my day hurrying to bake a cake, cool it, frost it, set up an area to take the photos, wrap the gifts, etc. As I hurried, I wondered if I was setting myself up for mommy guilt if I don't do this for all of my children. ☺

     As it turned out, Zoey (with a lady-likeness that I didn't know she possessed) did not destroy the cake, even though we coaxed her to dig in! So, instead of making another cake for Friday evening, I just filled the hole with frosting, and let her go at it again. This time around, she had coaching from her uncle Eric, and a bunch of boys (cousins and young uncles) . Her adorable cousin Annie also joined the fun, but even the two of them together didn't do very much damage! ☺

     Sometime in the 4 hours since I started this blog post, my writing inspiration has flown. The picturesque scene has changed...the fireplace has gone cold, the blanket is on the floor, and I've been holding a cranky child much of the forenoon. However, the sun is shining, the laundry is getting done--slowly, and the house is still needing attention. So I will leave you with this short post and a promise to be back someday!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Better Overdue Than Never

     I'm sitting in the office today. It's quiet, except for the hum of the computer. Zoey is napping in the back room.
    For those of you who don't know, I occasionally fill in at the Kinetico office here in town. I'm just on call for whenever the full-time gal needs a few days off. My only job is to be here from 8:30 to 5 to assist walk-in customers who need to buy a replacement filter or a gallon of peroxide. I'm on day 3 of 4 for this week, and so far there's been one customer per day. Yeah. It's quiet. But, it's pretty handy that I get to bring Zoey with me, and earn a bit of extra grocery money while catching up on whatever projects I want to bring along!
   I'm not complaining, but I will just say that I have no desire to work this many days back to back on a regular basis. With plans every evening this week, I'm finding it interesting to fit my regular house work into the few hours I have at home! I wouldn't make a great career woman, apparently.
    Yesterday, my sister joined me with her sewing machine, and we had a grand time in the back room, sewing and gabbing to our hearts' content!
      In three days Zoey will be 11 months old. That's fearfully close to a year, and my baby is hardly a baby any more! She took her first steps right at 9 months, so she's getting to be quite an independent little miss now. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen to find three or four cupboard doors standing open, and a nice selection of dishes scattered around on the floor. I have to be careful to keep the pantry door closed tightly, or she will raid the waste can for any tasty morsel. (Tasty is a questionable adjective to use when describing morsels found in the garbage, I realize; but she has a lot to learn on that subject.)
    She has a few words that she can say clearly, and "mom" isn't one of them. There's often a steady flow of chatter coming from wherever she's playing, which is something I love to hear. I can only imagine what it will be like when the baby talk is replaced with real words...Tom and I may not get a word in edgewise!
     December was pretty much full of family holiday gatherings. Tom's parents were home for two weeks, which included time spent with all the local Schrocks at a lodge nearby. We celebrated Christmas with my family a few days early. Then over Christmas, my family and some of my extended family (grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins) came to our house for about 4 days. All of these were wonderful times. I'm so thankful for families that love each other, and that can spend several days together and still love each other! 
     By the time New Years Eve rolled around, we were quite content to stay at home with our little family. We even went to bed at 10:30, but Zoey was sweet enough to cry out at 11:58 so that we could all wake up and see the New Year in. 

     So far, January has been lived at a slower pace. It's a nice pace for winter time. But still, I have projects that aren't getting done. Must. Learn. To. Prioritize. And. Stop. Procrastinating. Before I know it, all my time is going to be consumed with getting ready for the big move back to the little house!

        So, I'm off. Now that I've taken care of the "I-should-post-on-the-blog" project, maybe I can go get a few Mixbook pages done. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

A World Where There Are Octobers

Again, I've waited too long between posts and now I don't know where to begin with an update. 
        Life has been good, and busy, and we're blessed. I'll try to cover some things that I'm thankful for. (This is in no way a comprehensive list!)
        I don't update on facebook a lot, but when I do it's often about Zoey...our world kind of revolves around her these days.  So, these photos of Zoey at 7 months will be repeats to those of you who are facebook friends.

    Zoey is getting pretty mobile. She is very nearly least she has an idea of how to go about it, but more often she opts to just scoot on her tummy. She can get herself into a sitting position and occasionally even a standing one, depending who or what is near enough to use to pull herself up.  She has started feeding herself small pieces of food that are put in front of her, and I have yet to discover a food that she doesn't like. Basically, when she's eating, she's happy...can you tell by those cheeks?! Her hair is growing, although you could easily argue otherwise! I love watching her discover things, and learn how to's so fascinating to see her mind work. Sometimes I wonder how much more often we smile and laugh every day now that we have a little person for entertainment! She gives me lots of reasons for a thankful heart.
    At the beginning of September, we had a major wind/hail storm that really made a mess of our town. Tom spent 10 hours cleaning up trees with the fire department, to make roads passable. Other than a few trees down, there was no damage to Tom's parents property (where we currently live). However, the house we own in town had a good bit of hail damage, so we will be replacing siding and shingles, etc. For all the times I've felt that insurance is such a big black hole to throw money into, this incident has made me very thankful for it!

     Last month I also discovered what a really bad toothache is, and consequently took my first trip to the dentist. I was given the choice of a root canal or an extraction, and I chose the latter. I am grateful for modern dentistry, and the fact that a great big molar can be ripped from my mouth without causing even a little bit of pain!
     A couple of weeks ago Zoey and I spent a day with all of my sisters. We shopped a handful of thrift stores, went to Panera Bread for lunch and took an afternoon break at Cherry Berry. Kara and I have always been close, but now my "little" sisters are young ladies too, and it was so fun to spend the day together! I'm glad I have such great girls for sisters!
(yes, Zoey was pretty distracted by the frozen yogurt!)

     "I'm so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers." L.M. Montgomery 

   While I love all four seasons, I'm especially glad that God made autumn in Wisconsin so gorgeous! I'm pretty sure I blog about this sentiment every year, but you'll just have to deal with it!Fall also gives me a reason and inspiration to do some decorating. Inspiration to decorate is a rare thing around here. This year I had fun finding DIY projects online and using those to decorate.

I had to alter some of the projects a little bit, but links to the original ideas are here:

   I hope you're all having a lovely fall...what's your favorite part of this season?

P.S. I'm also more than thankful for the man in this picture.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Traveling, Parenting, and Pictures

  It's Tuesday. And it's my first full day of being 24. Not that there's anything significant about that...just a random fact. ☺ I had a good birthday, doing normal housewife-y things, but I kept the day relaxing too. And the highlight of the day for me was a supper date with Tom!

    Ok, so it's Wednesday now, and I'm back. I've been meaning to do an update for quite a while now, so I need to check my photos to see what I need to update on.
    One thing that made July a busy month for us was a trip to West Virginia for Tom's family reunion. It was a lovely time of reconnecting with family, and making memories. However, there were a lot of miles to travel between home and West Virginia, and I think all three of us were happy to be out of the van, and back in our house! A random sampling of pictures for a taste of our week:

Grandparents and the grands:

The Dan Schrock tribe (with the exception of Ricky, who is in Guatemala) 

    Zoey turned 5 months old while we were gone, and since we're home she has caught on to rolling over...and over and over! Between that and her walker, she really gets around and explores the house! 

    She's still a mostly happy baby, although nights have been quite a bit more interrupted than they were when she was younger. I know, she spoiled me at first and now it's coming back to bite me. *sigh* That doesn't make me enjoy the interrupted nights any better! ☺
   Zoey's only 5 1/2 months old, so I might be crazy, but last night at bedtime we had what felt like our first "parents vs. baby" battle of wills. Without going into detail, I'll just say that when we finally had her settled and sleeping, I went to bed with the responsibility of parenting weighing on me like it never has before. More than ever, I realized our need of running to Jesus for wisdom. To know how to pick our battles, and how to stand our ground, yet let Zoey know that she's loved, and that she means the world to us. And if we feel dependent on Him when she's 5 months old, I can only guess how we'll feel when she's 15! ☺


 I recently mashed peas and carrots for Zoey and froze them in an ice tray for individual portions.
She didn't mind her first taste of carrots, and she sure did enjoy smearing it all over her face! 

   Pictures from a quick photo shoot I did of Zoey. Her beautiful smiles melt me!☺

A recent update to Zoey's "closet" space:

    And so, that's a bit of our life recently. It's good, it has its challenges, and we have a God who cares about every detail. Not only does He care about every detail of my life, He cares about every detail of yours, as well...don't ever doubt it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From a Momma's Heart

  To my firstborn daughter:

    There are people in this world that I love...lots of people, actually, though in varying degrees of the word. 
     I love your daddy fiercely. If you're ever afraid to fall in love, the way I once was; let me assure you that if you find a man as good as your dad, there is nothing to be afraid of. 
     Find a man who is strong, but gentle. Find a man who knows what he believes, but is willing to listen to your opinions. Find a man who respects authority. God's authority, most importantly, but there will be others in a man's life who he must be able to work with respectfully. The way he respects others is very likely how he will respect you. Look for a man who tells you that you're beautiful, but who loves you for much more than good looks. You'll be so glad for a man like that when you're carrying your own first born. When you feel that you've lost all physical beauty forever, but he still tells you that you're beautiful to him, you'll know what a good man he is. Find a man who will work hard to provide for you, but one who knows that money can't buy your happiness, and that moments together and memories made will be what keeps you falling in love with him over and over. You'll need a man that you can laugh with, but one with whom you have the freedom to cry. 
    You see, that's who your daddy is to me, and I hope that you'll find a man at least almost as good for yourself some day (when you're much older, of course!).

    Now the way I love you is different than the way I love your dad, but I'd say it's equally fierce. Right now you're so little, so sweet, and so innocent. There are so many times throughout the day that I just literally feel my heart swell with love for you. I love to bury my face in your sweet rolls of baby fat and kiss your face like there's no tomorrow. Because really, it will seem like only tomorrow when suddenly you'll be a big girl, and you won't like Mommy's kisses so much. But for now, you're happy to grab my face with your little hands and slobber all over my really is the sweetest thing ever! In the last 4 months, my hands have gone to sleep more than ever before...from holding your hand on car rides, or hanging over the crib to pat your bottom until you've fallen asleep. But then I watch you sleeping and every numb hand is just so worth it...

     But the love that I hope I can best teach you about is a love for God. To be really honest, teaching you that scares me a little. Because, you see, sometimes I'm going to tell you one thing about loving God, and then you're going to see me act another thing...I know you're going to pick up on that. That doesn't mean that what I tell you isn't true, it just means that Mom's still learning too, and will sometimes make mistakes. When my example fails, I pray that you'll be able to find Jesus' example; and that's an example that will never, ever fail you. Your daddy and I are going to pray hard for the answers to the questions you'll ask, because I know you're going to ask some big ones...every child does. And someday, I pray that you will make the decision to love Jesus with all of your heart and soul and mind, forever. 
    I will love you, always and forever--no matter what, baby girl.
                                                             ~Your mommy

Monday, June 23, 2014

Four Month Photos and Playing Catch Up

   Do you know how long I just sat and pondered on what to title this post?! Ha! And the title slot is still blank...back to that later!
  Summer only officially started Saturday, but in my mind, summer is already hurtling by at an alarming pace! Since I last posted, we've taken a trip to Ontario, and a trip to Indiana, with a trip to West Virginia planned for a few weeks from now. The in-laws were home for over two weeks and left again. The grass turned green and has been mowed numerous times now. I planted my flowers and now they're blooming and looking dry and droopy by turns. The lilacs bloomed and then quickly faded, and only one bouquet of them ever graced my kitchen. And the mosquitoes...oh my, the mosquitoes descended upon Hayward, and great was the multitude of them! 
   Zoey never stops growing, and her dad never stops being an amazing dad! I love this picture of the two of them, in spite of the nasty shadows!

We've gotten Z to roll from tummy to back several times now...I think the only reason she's willing to put forth the effort to roll over is that she gets so upset when we put her on her tummy. 
"What kind of torture is this anyway, parents?"

This week Zoey turns 4 months old (already?!) so I made a goal to take pictures of her today. As is apt to happen when you make plans involving a baby, she chose today to be slightly more cranky than her usual self. Oh well, we managed anyway.

The growth rate of her hair is obviously not keeping up with the rest of her body! :)

And then of course we ended on this note, because Mommy doesn't know how to stop while she's ahead! :) The poor child is acting much the same way now while I hold her and try to finish up this post, so I should shut this down and go to give her a bath! 

Happy summer!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

While My Baby Naps....

   I should probably go lay her down and get something done around the house, but since she's sleeping so peacefully in my lap, I'll just do this quick blog post instead.
  I think we're finally feeling a little bit hopeful about spring! The lawn is FINALLY free of snow (and needs to be raked) and I'm actually seeing touches of green here and there! 
  It's time to air out the upstairs and make the beds with clean sheets...the in-laws are coming home for furlough in just a little over two weeks! We're taking a long weekend trip to Ontario right before their return, so I want to have everything ready before we leave. I have a bunch of little extra cleaning and organizing projects that I want to do...I guess maybe it's the spring cleaning urge.
   Zoey is growing and doing what babies do: sleeping, eating, crying, smiling, and filling diapers. We feel extremely blessed to have this sweet baby in our home. We realized even more what a gift she is as we heard the news of friends losing their precious baby boy just a month before he was due to be born. 
    Zoey's had a couple of fussy days, when nothing makes her quite as happy as when I'm holding and bouncing her, but I'm hoping it's just a stage. Yesterday she cried her eyes out all the way home from Walmart while I sang REALLY loudly in hopes of calming her down. Yeah, that didn't really work.She's still sleeping wonderfully at night,  and I really love her to pieces for that! She found her hands and has started to do a bit of chewing and seems a little early for teeth, but what do I know? 
   I've been trying to take pictures of Zoey every are some from the last 3 sessions.

She's obviously a girl of many emotions! All of these in the space of a few minutes. 

I compared my baby pictures to Zoey's the other day...I'd say there's definitely a resemblance, but she's got some of her dad in her too!

    And lastly, a picture of the very happy Zoey at 7:18 this morning. Apparently she was feeling a little better about being up since 6 than I was.