Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From a Momma's Heart

  To my firstborn daughter:

    There are people in this world that I love...lots of people, actually, though in varying degrees of the word. 
     I love your daddy fiercely. If you're ever afraid to fall in love, the way I once was; let me assure you that if you find a man as good as your dad, there is nothing to be afraid of. 
     Find a man who is strong, but gentle. Find a man who knows what he believes, but is willing to listen to your opinions. Find a man who respects authority. God's authority, most importantly, but there will be others in a man's life who he must be able to work with respectfully. The way he respects others is very likely how he will respect you. Look for a man who tells you that you're beautiful, but who loves you for much more than good looks. You'll be so glad for a man like that when you're carrying your own first born. When you feel that you've lost all physical beauty forever, but he still tells you that you're beautiful to him, you'll know what a good man he is. Find a man who will work hard to provide for you, but one who knows that money can't buy your happiness, and that moments together and memories made will be what keeps you falling in love with him over and over. You'll need a man that you can laugh with, but one with whom you have the freedom to cry. 
    You see, that's who your daddy is to me, and I hope that you'll find a man at least almost as good for yourself some day (when you're much older, of course!).

    Now the way I love you is different than the way I love your dad, but I'd say it's equally fierce. Right now you're so little, so sweet, and so innocent. There are so many times throughout the day that I just literally feel my heart swell with love for you. I love to bury my face in your sweet rolls of baby fat and kiss your face like there's no tomorrow. Because really, it will seem like only tomorrow when suddenly you'll be a big girl, and you won't like Mommy's kisses so much. But for now, you're happy to grab my face with your little hands and slobber all over my really is the sweetest thing ever! In the last 4 months, my hands have gone to sleep more than ever before...from holding your hand on car rides, or hanging over the crib to pat your bottom until you've fallen asleep. But then I watch you sleeping and every numb hand is just so worth it...

     But the love that I hope I can best teach you about is a love for God. To be really honest, teaching you that scares me a little. Because, you see, sometimes I'm going to tell you one thing about loving God, and then you're going to see me act another thing...I know you're going to pick up on that. That doesn't mean that what I tell you isn't true, it just means that Mom's still learning too, and will sometimes make mistakes. When my example fails, I pray that you'll be able to find Jesus' example; and that's an example that will never, ever fail you. Your daddy and I are going to pray hard for the answers to the questions you'll ask, because I know you're going to ask some big ones...every child does. And someday, I pray that you will make the decision to love Jesus with all of your heart and soul and mind, forever. 
    I will love you, always and forever--no matter what, baby girl.
                                                             ~Your mommy