Saturday, July 21, 2012

Corn Hole Games

Handmade and hand painted by my husband and I, these games are now for sale at Northwood Outdoor in Hayward!

Brown and Turquoise 

Blue and Black

Green and Teal

Red and Black

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

There Are A Million Reasons....

    There are SO many reasons that I love my man. At the risk of sounding like a hopeless romantic, I am going to write a few of them down here. After all, this blog is for my benefit too...I want to remember to count my blessings.

     There's a bouquet of fresh flowers on my counter...just because he can. Next to it, on our little dry erase board is a sweet note, signed: -Your man.

     I'm sure that God knew that my love language was words of affirmation when He gave me Tom. My husband might argue that he's not good with words...I beg to differ. He may not write flowery poetry, but every day my man gives me countless compliments that energize my life. I feel so undeserving, but I know he means every word, and that makes me very content.

     Last evening, when the air was cool and the sun was setting, the two of us were on our hands and knees weeding the garden. He had just finished mowing the lawn and came and joined me there. Does he think that gardening is a woman's job? I don't know, maybe, but he is more than willing to help without being asked. I count this as a blessing...working together we can get so much done!

    And then there are those times that something he does annoys or hurts me, however slightly. And though I always know that the hurt is completely unintentional on my man's part, the Tempter is always right there to take away the memories of the amazing husband I have, and instead make that little wound I'm feeling fester. Here's what really amazes me though. When I finally can't hide my emotions anymore, and the hurt selfishness comes out, usually with tears, Tom has a way of taking all the fight right out of me. He is instantly sorry, holds me and wipes my tears, and never justifies himself or argues his side. He doesn't blame me, but takes all the blame himself. Suddenly, there's nothing to be annoyed at. I can't argue or say unkind things, when he's simply kissing my forehead and apologizing. And all at once, I feel like the selfish, ornery brat that I am being. I can learn so much from this man God gave me.

    Let's not take our good men for today's world, they are few and far between!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's warm....

It's warm for Wisconsin. Very warm. Maybe the reason I think this is partially due to the fact that this is the first time I remember living in a trailer house in the heat of summer.
In case you were wondering, a trailer house heats up like an oven in 90+ degree weather. I think it's about 92 degrees INDOORS at the moment.
But, we have a little window AC in our bedroom, so we sort of live in our bedroom these days. 
Hot, humid weather makes me feel like a bad wife altogether. I have zero motivation to do housework. Just doing the dishes works up a sweat. My meals consist of light things like chips and dip and chocolate milk shakes. Fortunately, my husband says he doesn't get very hungry in this hot weather anyway. We eat our meals on the bed. It seems like a bad habit, but under these circumstances, we do what we must.
I did do laundry, watered my flowers, went grocery shopping, and did some craft projects so far this week. And washed dishes.
We eat a lot of freezees. And I dream of a house on the lake or a pool in my back yard at least.
But most of all, this makes me realize that I'm very thankful that I live in Wisconsin, where this kind of weather is fairly rare. I certainly hope that southerners eventually acclimate to the heat, because living a hampered life like this gets old.
Oh well, we're blessed. And tomorrow's a holiday, so we get to sleep in and then spend the afternoon with my family.
A happy 4th of July to you all. Stay cool. :)