Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Waiting Game

   Sorry, I'm not here to announce the arrival of the little one yet. Nope, instead I am trying to pass the time and wait patiently.        
     Technically, I'm not overdue, since my due date is tomorrow. However a week and a half ago there was some false labor going on, which got my hopes for an early delivery a little too high, methinks. I have been trying to stay prepared for almost 2 weeks now. Freshen up the bathrooms, tidy the house, stock up on groceries, only to repeat the cycle 3 days later when I'm still waiting. 
    I now notice every facebook post about a new baby, and pore over the pictures of the little newborns. I am so exciting about holding, kissing and snuggling our very own baby...studying the features of a little person who belongs to us. I can already feel my heart bursting with love. 
    Presently, I can only hold and feel this child move on the inside, and while I know that is truly a blessing, I'm ready for my arms to do the holding now.

    I'm thankful that we don't live any farther away from town than we do, since the forecasts for tomorrow night predict 8-12 inches of snow. Snowmobiling to the hospital might make a great story, but I'm really not feeling that adventurous! 
    This weekend our town, with a population of fewer than 2500 people, will host the annual Birkebeiner.  This year,  a record number of 10,200 skiers from all over the world are expected to participate. That's just skiers, mind you, not even counting spectators. There are truckloads of snow hauled into town for the ski course, and some of the main roads are shut down for Saturday. Town will be a zoo and we have to go through it to reach the hospital, so my doctor warned me today not to be crazy and wait too long to start for town if I should happen to go into labor that day. I'm praying that we can avoid the drama of that, but whatever the case, I'm glad to know my God is in control. 
   I'd appreciate your prayers, because behind all the excitement and anticipation, there is a certain amount of fear of the unknown, and some nervousness about the adjustments ahead. I'm sure I'm not the only new mom to feel this way, but your prayer support would be great, just the same!