Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

     This last week was a busy one for me, and profitable too! I didn't have to do any cleaning jobs, which was fortunate, because I'm really not sure how I would've fit that in!
     The week started off on the right foot, with my family coming up for Sunday afternoon and evening. We mostly just enjoyed catching up, and they finally got to see some of the changes we've made around the place.

     The next day was Labor Day, and we had 2 bushels of apples to make into sauce. I was oh-so-glad that Tom had the day off, because he was a big help! 

     See, the pictures prove it! What the pictures don't show, is the fact that I actually worked too! :) As we sat there cutting up apples we were inspired to make the day more holiday-like and invite some friends over for grilling that evening. So, we finished up the apple project around 3:00, relaxed for a bit and then grilled burgers and hot pepper poppers for supper! Then we were off to the church ball game, which means exercise and enjoyment for him and relaxation and good visits with the gals on the bleachers for me!
     From there the week turned into a blur of painting corn hole games, and processing tomatoes (this time without Tom's help, since he was back at work). Ah, but Tuesday evening we headed to Rice Lake to pick up the tomatoes, and that little outing turned out to be a nice little date! We discovered on the way down that we had an Applebee's gift card, and since we hadn't eaten supper yet, it was the perfect solution! May I recommend Chipotle Cream 4 oz. Steak and Shrimp? It's even on the 2 for $20 menu! Did I just make you hungry? My bad.

                                                                                             Photo pulled from

        So, yes...corn hole games...there are now 4 new sets on the lot...make that 3, one just sold.

          And tomatoes. So much work, but so rewarding when it's all said and done! Now that I actually realize how much work it is when doing it alone, there are a few things I might have done differently to cut corners and save time. For instance, instead of being picky about the veggies for salsa looking nice and perfectly chopped by hand, I might just hack them up in a food processor. Oh well, this way my salsa is so much more pleasing to the eye! *snort*

     Pizza sauce has always been one of my favorite things to can. I love adding the spices, and the wonderful smells it produces. The last time we made it at home we thickened it way too much for my liking, so this time I think I fell into the other ditch. I had several batches canned before I decide that maybe it was a little too thin. I added lots of thickening to my last batch, which, in spite of vigorous stirring, resulting in quite a few little clear clumps in the sauce. hmm.

     Anyway, I'm ready for our vacay next week! Leaving for Ontario on Wednesday for the wedding of Tom's cousin Victoria! Although I lived in northern Ontario for a few years, I haven't been to the part of Ontario where Tom was born. It should be fun!
      So long for now, folks!