Monday, October 6, 2014

A World Where There Are Octobers

Again, I've waited too long between posts and now I don't know where to begin with an update. 
        Life has been good, and busy, and we're blessed. I'll try to cover some things that I'm thankful for. (This is in no way a comprehensive list!)
        I don't update on facebook a lot, but when I do it's often about Zoey...our world kind of revolves around her these days.  So, these photos of Zoey at 7 months will be repeats to those of you who are facebook friends.

    Zoey is getting pretty mobile. She is very nearly least she has an idea of how to go about it, but more often she opts to just scoot on her tummy. She can get herself into a sitting position and occasionally even a standing one, depending who or what is near enough to use to pull herself up.  She has started feeding herself small pieces of food that are put in front of her, and I have yet to discover a food that she doesn't like. Basically, when she's eating, she's happy...can you tell by those cheeks?! Her hair is growing, although you could easily argue otherwise! I love watching her discover things, and learn how to's so fascinating to see her mind work. Sometimes I wonder how much more often we smile and laugh every day now that we have a little person for entertainment! She gives me lots of reasons for a thankful heart.
    At the beginning of September, we had a major wind/hail storm that really made a mess of our town. Tom spent 10 hours cleaning up trees with the fire department, to make roads passable. Other than a few trees down, there was no damage to Tom's parents property (where we currently live). However, the house we own in town had a good bit of hail damage, so we will be replacing siding and shingles, etc. For all the times I've felt that insurance is such a big black hole to throw money into, this incident has made me very thankful for it!

     Last month I also discovered what a really bad toothache is, and consequently took my first trip to the dentist. I was given the choice of a root canal or an extraction, and I chose the latter. I am grateful for modern dentistry, and the fact that a great big molar can be ripped from my mouth without causing even a little bit of pain!
     A couple of weeks ago Zoey and I spent a day with all of my sisters. We shopped a handful of thrift stores, went to Panera Bread for lunch and took an afternoon break at Cherry Berry. Kara and I have always been close, but now my "little" sisters are young ladies too, and it was so fun to spend the day together! I'm glad I have such great girls for sisters!
(yes, Zoey was pretty distracted by the frozen yogurt!)

     "I'm so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers." L.M. Montgomery 

   While I love all four seasons, I'm especially glad that God made autumn in Wisconsin so gorgeous! I'm pretty sure I blog about this sentiment every year, but you'll just have to deal with it!Fall also gives me a reason and inspiration to do some decorating. Inspiration to decorate is a rare thing around here. This year I had fun finding DIY projects online and using those to decorate.

I had to alter some of the projects a little bit, but links to the original ideas are here:

   I hope you're all having a lovely fall...what's your favorite part of this season?

P.S. I'm also more than thankful for the man in this picture.


  1. Love it all, Danae! :-)

  2. That first collage of pics, the side profile one... that is just the darlingest picture ever! Her cheeks! Oh my.